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We are pleased to provide a letter of reference for Exclaim. Our public relations firm referred Exclaim to us over a year ago.
Since then, they have gone on to create successful interior and exterior elements for Honda Canada. In addition to marketing support, Exclaim has become a key company in selling service elements to our Dealership network. As a result of their creativity and hard work, our service facilities nationwide now have a much more upscale and professional ambiance.

Moreover, they are extremely personable and a pleasure to work with. Their enthusiasm, hard working attitude, guidance and professionalism enhance every project they got involved in. We take extreme enjoyment working with individuals who offer the highest quality of service and work.

We highly recommend Exclaim and are confident they will exceed all future expectations placed on them.


Annette B.
Dealer Development Analyst



I have found Exclaim to be extremely accommodating and professional while always remaining personable. They were always looking at elements of our business and finding new and innovative products to help us market various programs.

I have appreciated Exclaim's support throughout our business relationship - any time of day or night, weekend or last minute request Exclaim would make themselves available.


Carolyn O.
Marketing Manager



... worked on many initiatives for us that we have been very pleased with.

I can say without reservation that Exclaim is an excellent and complete supplier in digital marketing and creative marketing ideas.


Stacey K.
Promotions Manager



Over the past year, Alex has assisted in the re-packaging and marketing of my small business. He offered his expertise in the creation and launch of a website and advertising campaign. He worked tirelessly to ensure content best reflected the value and unique qualities of my business in a saturated marketplace. He takes his time to get things right and is a perfectionist in terms of his workmanship and production quality.

Exclaim is creative in their approach and recognizes the potential of business growth through modern communication strategy and effective marketing campaigns.

Alex is a true professional and his vast experience brings a background essential to establishing a successful new business. Alex was and continues to be a reliable provider and a pleasure to work with. He would certainly earn my recommendation as a marketing guru who very much knows his trade.


Sean C.
Director of Operations



Alex has been an exemplary teacher in leading us through the steps of creating a website. He treated all requests with patience and creativity, listened very carefully to our needs and preferences, and made excellent suggestions. His goal was to understand PEACH deeply, and to help us create a website that would reflect our values and activities. He has worked very long hours, on his own volunteer time, to be sure that the deliverables were ready.

Alex was so genuinely committed to creating a website that embodied the spirit of our organization, that he has come to our space/center on several occasions and interacted with the youth and staff. Alex also attended our Annual General Meeting and made efforts to truly understand our organization by familiarizing himself with all its constituents: staff, youth, community and board members. Alex's dedication and attention to detail are exemplary.

Alex works with focus, energy, sensitivity, and respect. He is at home with a diversity of people and opinions. He always presents a positive outlook, and deep respect for our work. His enthusiasm and focus have impressed us. He is an excellent communicator and team player. He inspires confidence.


Marilyn E
Managing Director



Exclaim first lent their support to CHATS through the design and delivery of collateral material, needed to promote our signature fundraising events. Their expertise in understanding our desired target demographic resulted in material that was innovative, sharp and effective.

For the same fundraising events, Exclaim then created two unique website that reflected the similar bold, desired look that they had woven into the other material. They not only played a tactical role in the development of the support material, but played a strategic role in how we branded our organization to attract a new level of engagement.

Exclaim has not only been a key support to the Development and Marketing & Communications team through the work on various projects, they understand the needs and helped CHATS to get some of its material to a new level, given limited resources.


Colins J.
Director of Development



Exclaim is one of those rare service providers who are inherently good at what they do. I had the opportunity to work with them on a number of product roll-outs at Jolera and it is a testament to their abilities that I was left feeling that they had a knack for marketing and an eye for design. They are able to transform the fragmented and often misguided concepts presented by non-marketing folk into strategy and materials that are truly representative of the products they represent.

Alex is a true professional with a great attitude who meets tight deadlines without sacrificing quality and I would be very pleased to work with him again.


Mark S.
Systems Administrator



...Exclaim is viewed as a tremendous resource to Phonetime's employees and myself. I find them to be versatile, honest, extremely hard working and demonstrate complete professionalism. They approach every project with admirable intensity and dedication.

They are a pleasure to work with and I firmly believe any organization that utilizes their expertise will benefit tremendously.


Fred P.
Vice President, Phonetime


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