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Exclaim User Guides exceed 50,000 views and downloads.


April 29,2014 / Exclaim Marketing, Web and Print, a leading Toronto marketing design agency, today announced they have surpassed 50,000 views and downloads of their free, do-it-yourself user guides.  With a total of ten quick reference guides available, and the next guide launching within the month, the company is well on its way to achieving their goal of 100,000 downloads by year-end.

The three most popular guides are “Top 200 Graphic Design Terms Explained”, “200 Marketing Phrases and Terms Explained” and “200 Online and Social Media Terms Explained”.  These free guides provide users with a full listing of terms, descriptions and explanations needed to navigate through the graphic design, marketing and online industries. In addition to these titles, Exclaim offers free downloadable do-it-yourself guides to some of today’s most popular software packages.

“50,000 downloads is a great milestone for us” said Alex Stojkovic, owner and zoo-keeper of Exclaim Marketing, Web and Print. “This many downloads in 12 months proves our guides are addressing a need.  We are thrilled that our online-user shave recognized the value of the guides, and are going to continue to create and share resource materials in the future.”

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Alex Stojkovic
Owner and Zoo-Keeper
Exclaim Marketing, Web and Print


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